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Planning Application - 19/00370/LB

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Listed Building
Determined Application
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Case Officer
Sarah Willson
01295 227928
Stables Cottage Main Street Sibford Ferris Banbury OX15 5RE
Take down and rebuild a 6m section of stone wall adjoining Main Street which is becoming unstable (existing stone will be re-used)
Sibford Ferris
Cropredy, Sibfords And Wroxton
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Application Permitted
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Chris Pennell
Applicant's Address
Stables Cottage Main Street Sibford Ferris OX15 5RE
Agents's Address

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Consultee List
Name Address Consult Date Reply Due Reply Received Type
NameConservation (CDC) Address Consult Date20/03/2019 Reply Due10/04/2019 Reply Received TypeStandard Consultee
NameSibford Ferris Parish Council AddressGrounds Farm Sibford Ferris BANBURY OX15 5EZ Consult Date20/03/2019 Reply Due23/04/2019 Reply Received02/04/2019 TypeStandard Consultee
Public Notices
Description Display Date Expiry Date Notice Type
DescriptionBanbury Guardian Display Date28/03/2019 Expiry Date18/04/2019 Notice Type
DescriptionSite Notice General Display Date03/04/2019 Expiry Date24/04/2019 Notice Type

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File Date Description File Size Drawing/Rev Number
Application Forms
Application Document 12/03/2019 Listed Building Entry (868kb) -
Application Document (868kb) Listed Building Entry
Application Document 12/03/2019 Info/Species Map (148kb) -
Application Document (148kb) Info/Species Map
Application Document 12/03/2019 Neighbour Map (84kb) -
Application Document (84kb) Neighbour Map
Application Document 21/03/2019 Publicity (35kb) -
Application Document (35kb) Publicity
Application Document 18/03/2019 Checklist (159kb) -
Application Document (159kb) Checklist
Application Document 18/03/2019 app form (68kb) -
Application Document (68kb) app form
Application Document 04/06/2019 site visit (22kb) -
Application Document (22kb) site visit
Supporting Documents
Photographs 18/03/2019 (5430kb) -
Photographs (5430kb)
Photographs 18/03/2019 stables cottage wall - missing stone (1428kb) -
Photographs (1428kb) stables cottage wall - missing stone
Photographs 18/03/2019 wall - rear (1328kb) -
Photographs (1328kb) wall - rear
Supporting Documents 18/03/2019 D&A statement (16kb) -
Supporting Documents (16kb) D&A statement
Site Plans
Plans – Block Plan/Site Layout 18/03/2019 site plan (1656kb) -
Plans – Block Plan/Site Layout (1656kb) site plan
Site Location Plan 18/03/2019 location plan (156kb) -
Site Location Plan (156kb) location plan
Consultee Responses
Consultation Response 04/04/2019 Sibford Ferris Parish Council 02.04.19 (15kb) -
Consultation Response (15kb) Sibford Ferris Parish Council 02.04.19
Officer/Committee Consideration
Officer Report 10/05/2019 Report - 09.05.19 (182kb) -
Officer Report (182kb) Report - 09.05.19
Decision and Legal Agreements
Decision 09/05/2019 09.05.19 (2326kb) -
Decision (2326kb) 09.05.19
Stables Cottage Main Street Sibford Ferris Banbury OX15 5RE