From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: Ref. 09/01557/F- The Bishop Blaize


From: Maurice Archer [
Sent: 01 December 2009 15:47
To: Planning

Subject: Ref. 09/01557/F- The Bishop Blaize

We object to this latest application for change of use to private dwelling on the following grounds:-
(1) There has been licensed property continuously on this site since 1640 AD, historically known as The Olde Inn and under the previous owner was included in travel guide books as part of the attractions to this unique area.
(2) The previous licensee operated a highly successful pub to include food of a high standard as well as furnished garden area to the rear with a childrens play facility. The car park is of sufficient size to avoid overflow parking on the narrow streets in Burdrop. The pub was very well managed, well patronised by peoples from a very wide area. It had an excellent , friendly reputation.
(3) In stark contrast the applicant deliberately and immediately set out to ensure the business failure by adopting a most unfriendly attitude to customers and within about two weeks after handover the pub was infrequently used and had become a miserable place.
(4) The applicant thenappointed a Manager, who with his family moved into the pub and living quarters. This unfortunate family had NO experience of the licensed trade or for the provision of food, and was given no training even on how to operate the cash teller- needing the help of a former employee to help. During this time the business effectively "failed" and it was no surprise that it closed.
(5) Since the Applicant owned another similar establishment, run by his wife, it could reasonably be expected that he was a suitable person to run such an establishment. He would have been able to carry out his own research into the prospects for continued success from his experiences in the trade and to have read and understood trading accounts that were made available or could have been explained to him by his own accountant.
(6) My opinion is that the applicant deliberately set out to ensure the business failure so that he could profit from frequently submitting planning applications for change of use to private dwellings and building as many as he could get permission for. To that end he has allowed the fabric of the pub with living accomodation, car park and large gardens to seriously decline so that substantial remedial work would be needed in future.
The Bishop Blaize support group has demonstrated the wish from local residents that we want licensed premises to continue on that site and since we believe there were several interested parties to aquire the pub, the Application should be denied, which would encourage the applicant to either run it as a pub or dispose of it in the open market.
Thank you for your attention.
Maurice and Lynn Archer, 4 Walford Road. Sibford Ferris, Banbury, OX15 5BL

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