From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: Ref Planning 09/01557F


Sent: 08 December 2009 17:40
To: Planning
Subject: Ref Planning 09/01557F

Dear Sir,
First of all I must inform you that no planning notice has been lodged on or near 'The Bishop Blaize' public house or its buildings for the general public to see.

I object to this application on the grounds that Mr Noquet did not have any intention of running the Bishop Blaize as a successful pub from the day he bought it and his sole intention was to close it and sell the car park and gardens off separately.

There were people who put offers in to buy it when he first put it on the market which he refused to accept altho' the offers were above his asking price (Fleurets the selling agents can confirm this). There still are people who want to buy it AND run it as a pub again.

I also object to this application for change of use because it is a village amenity which we wish to have returned to our village. It Is or was ( before it was allowed to become neglected) one of the most beautiful pubs in the area with the best gardens in which people could have their meals and drinks and bring their children.

I ask you please to reject this application.

Tony Haynes