From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: Change of use application 09/01557/F


From: Mark Berry [Sent: 09 December 2009 07:55
To: Planning
Subject: Change of use application 09/01557/F


As a resident of Sibford Ferris since 1992, I would like to add my support to the motion to reject this application.

The current  owner of the Bishop Blaize, clearly bought the business with the sole intention of running it into the ground, to justify turning it into a development plot.

This was confirmed when despite being offered his asking price (when then pub was still open ) he declined to sell.

He now complains of loss of value, but this is of his own doing, and no justification .

As with many others in the area we miss the facility and hope that the current owner sells the business on to someone with a real passion to make it a going concern.


Mark Berry
Folly Farmhouse,
Main Street
Sibford Ferris