From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: The Bishop Blaze

From: Sue Rowley [Sent: 11 December 2009 22:26
To: Planning
Subject: FW: The Bishop Blaze


Andrew Lewis (Case Officer)

With reference to the planning application 09/01557/F.
Please please do not change our pub from a pub to a residential dwelling.
We have lived in Burdrop for over 5 years and for the first two utilised the pub under the wonderful stewardship of Sam and Sheila.
It has been a big miss since it closed down and we would definitely utilise a public house if it reopened as such.
The beer garden is amazing and the view should not be missed by anyone in the area.
It seems to me from my dealings with the owner that this is just another way for him to add value to his Property as was his previous applications to turn the Bishops Blaize into a residential dwelling.
My family and I who live 50 yards from this pub, do still wish to have and will utilise a Public House in Burdrop.  We have had a valuable village meeting point and hub of the Village taken away from us by Mr Norquet and feel this planning application is just another way for him to continue to do so.  What value will this bring to the village, we have plenty of residential dwellings in Sibford Ferris and Burdrop especially since the Manor House has been developed into further residential properties.
Mr & Mrs Noquet did not attempt to continue to run the Bishops Blaze as a public house, we frequented it many times in the 6 months they ran the pub and they were pitiful landlords, we were made to feel most unwelcome at our own public house.
I  question that it was ever their intention to buy the Bishops Blaze and run it as a public house, I would imagine their intention all along was to profit from the whole exercise.   
Our address is
Brayes Close
OX15 5RQ

Sue & Dave Rowley 

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