From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: Planning application No. 09/01557/F

From: Michael Drake [Sent: 03 January 2010 17:28
To: Andrew Lewis
Subject: Planning application No. 09/01557/F

Good afternoon Mr. Lewis

I would like to register my opposition to planning application No. 09/01557/F with you. I believe two nearly identical applications have already been made to change the use of the Bishop Blaize from a public house to a private dwelling and both were rejected by your predecessors. Since there are no materiel changes in the new application and no changes in local planning policy have been published, I can only assume that the same result will accrue. I am aware there has been movement behind the scenes with unpublished documents apparently used to justify the new application yet not published on the CDC web site.

As I mentioned to you during our brief telephone call these documents were subsequently widely published by CDC officials claiming these to be in the public domain. I can fully understand your desire to avoid further inflammation by not publishing. Under the rather volatile circumstances now surrounding this determination and the great publicity it has already received, could I request it be made by full committee to give the oxygen of clarity for all concerned, pro or contra?

Your sincerely

Michael P. Drake
Weston Mead
Acre Ditch
Sibford Gower
Oxon OX15 5RW