From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: Planning application 09/01557/F


From: Chris Radcliffe [Sent: 02 January 2010 18:46
To: Mary Harpley; Andrew Lewis
Subject: Planning application 09/01557/F

I am writing about the above planning application which has now been closed for comments. I think this is premature as the applicant has appointed an agent who has just submitted their supporting evidence dated 21st December 2009 with additional information from Mr J Noquet on 23rd December. Being the Christmas holidays, not many people will have had a chance to review and comment on their new submissions.
I would also like to point out that their document is totally illegible due to the poor scanning (or poor originals), so it is not possible to comment on what can not be read.
I would also like to point out that the planning portal only allows the last 25 of the 171 submissions to be viewed due to the fact that non of the navigation buttons on the web page work.

What I wanted to add was the following perspective of the pub market by J D Wetherspoon's Chairman Tim Martin which it totally the reverse of Mr Noquets view.

I trust you will be able to take this into consideration.

Statistics damn statistics.

I strongly object to the planning proposal from Mr and Mrs Noquet, and  
to their misuse of statistics to try to justify their miserable scheme.

Tim Martin, Chairman of J D Wetherspoon has just been on the Radio 4  
Today program (6am 1st January 2010) claiming that the pub business  
has never been stronger. They are making record profits on a record  
turnover and are looking to acquire/open 200 new pubs in the next few  
years. He goes on to say that the pub business is a people business.  
"you have to provide good food, good beer and with excellent service  
provided by well trained staff." He went on to say that pubs that are  
failing are failing to deliver on these basics. This is exactly where  
the Noquets' failed, and one reason was that Mrs. Noquet never moved  
to the Bishop Blaize which demonstrated their lack of commitment to  
the business.
Mr Noquet and his agent are using the same arguments that were put  
forward in the previous two planning applications for change of use.  
The first argument is that it can't be run as a business. This is  
totally incorrect and has been proved to be incorrect by previous  
landlords of the Bishop Blaize, and the J D Wetherspoon experience.
Their second argument is that when the Bishop Blaize has been put up  
for sale there are no buyers. Again this is totally incorrect. When  
marketed at the current market value, taking into consideration the  
state of the building and the total destruction of the business there  
are lots of people who want to buy the Bishop Blaize and return it to  
its former glory as a village pub. Fisher German in their submission  
state that they had a lot of interest and one firm offer prior to the  
auction. To support his claim, Mr. Noquet tries to sell it at twice  
the market value ( figure plucked out of the air and supported by 4  
year old estimates) and gets no interest. Also Mr Noquet seems to have  
forgotten that he accepted an offer in writing prior to the last  
application for change of use and withdrew his acceptance just days  
before the application was thrown out by the planning committee.
Some numbers.
J D Wetherspoon turnover to 26th July 2008 up 1.2% with pre tax  
profits up by 13.6%, and for the year to 26th July 2009; turnover up a  
further 5.2% and profit by an additional 7.2%. If you look at the  
"accounts" provided by Mr Noquet the only numbers he managed to  
increase were the costs of running the Bishop Blaize. If he had kept  
the costs down to the level of Sam Merchant then Mr Noquet would have  
made a good profit.
I trust that this planning application for change of use will be  

Yours sincerely

Mr C J Radcliffe.