From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: 09/01557/F For the attention of Mr Lewis (Case Officer)

Importance: High

From: Linda Lane at Headway PR [
Sent: 01 December 2009 18:26
To: Planning
Subject: Ref: 09/01557/F For the attention of Mr Lewis (Case Officer)
Importance: High

Dear Mr Lewis


Bishop Blaize


It has been brought to my attention that a new planning application for the Bishop Blaize for change of use to a private dwelling.


Please take this email as my objection to this new application, which is the latest of a string of differing applications.


It is such short notice for this planning application to come to light in view of the busy Christmas period but I know I am not alone in asking you to seriously consider against this application.   


The Bishop Blaize is a part of our English heritage and whilst I know there have been some new planning laws that have come into force and with which I am not ‘au fait’, it would be a considerable loss to the village of Burdrop, and to neighbouring Sibford Ferris and Sibford Gower.   


The Bishop Blaize provided a meeting point for local young and old to meet and, as such, it was a godsend for the local community.  We want that facility back.


The Bishop Blaize was an extremely viable business before the current owners took it over (so I am not sure why they put it back on the market only 3 months after taking ownership but that probably doesn’t hold any water in terms of  planning).  


As a village pub, with good parking facilities and a super garden overlooking the valley, it drew regulars and visitors from near and far, bringing money into the Cherwell district.


With pubs closing every week, all around the country, every closure has a general knock on effect on the viability of the brewing industry.  Indeed, Hook Norton used to supply the Bishops Blaize and, therefore, their takings would be down as a result.  Too many closures eventually will mean job losses and redundancies for breweries.   


It is also a fact that the Bishops Blaize provided employment for local people (particularly youngsters for whom work is very hard to come by) which is

another very important point to consider.   Indeed, it is a well-documented fact that small businesses contribute more to the GDP (Gross Domestic Profit) in the UK than all the huge companies put together.


Should the change of use to a private dwelling be granted, I suspect the property and its grounds will be developed (into who knows what) and destroy the charm, sanctuary, beauty and character of this wonderful part of Cherwell district and we shall all be the poorer for a community with no heart.  


Please consider your verdict very carefully.


Yours sincerely

Linda Lane, resident of Sibford Ferris