From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: 09/01557/F

From: bernie jones [
Sent: 02 December 2009 19:26
To: Planning
Subject: Ref: 09/01557/F

With reference to planning application being submitted on The Bishop Blaize, 09/01557/F.
 Will you please not pass the above application, the Sibfords & surrounding villages need the 'once heart of the community' inn re opened as soon as is possible again.
Many villages have become very sterile these days, what with the lack of 'locals' being unable to afford to live in their own home village, & many village houses now being empty weekend homes!
To then take public houses, shops & post offices away too, what will actually be classed as a 'village' in the not too distant future?
We very much look forward to a negative approach on this matter, & to us then getting back to the old traditions that every village should hold!
Mr A & Mrs B Jones,
7 Cotswold Close
Sibford ferris
Banbury OX15 5QP


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