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Subject: Planning application 09/01557/F

Re.  Planning Application 09/01557/F     Bishop Blaize Pub--Change of use.
 We are residents of Sibford Gower and are appalled that a further attempt is being made to change the Public House to a private dwelling/s.  This would mean the loss of an essential Village amenity and set a worrying precedent for other Villages.       I understand that there would be purchasers willing to take on the Pub and run it as it was prior to the present owners occupation.  This Public House was the centre for many communal activities and could be again. I know that other similar establishments have been successfully saved eg at Gt. Rollright.
  It is essential for the life of more Rural Communities that facilities such as this are not lost because of the greed of a few people  who feel no affinity with the community.
                                                       Kay and Tony Harries
                                                       "The Leys",  Backside Lane
                                                       Sibford Gower