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Peter Trickey.


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Bishops End




OX15 5RQ




Change of use from closed public house to dwelling


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Andrew Lewis


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Peter Trickey



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My wife and I used to have Goodmayes Cottage in Burdrop and still visit our ex neighbours who live 2 doors away. At that time the Bishop Blaize was the thriving hub of the village, as it has been for several centuries. It also attracted customers from miles around with its cosy ambience and, especially in summer, its hilltop garden with views for many miles towards the south west. It is a well-known ploy for outside speculators to buy a village pub in a prime site, to upset the locals, including changing their favourite beers, and then to say that it is no longer a going concern. In this case the present owners had a tough job but have apparently succeeded. In the correct hands this pub could be a goldmine. I hope that the present council do not go down in history as the ones who brought hundreds of years of social history and conviviality to an end.