From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: 09/01557/F

From: Selina Butler [
Sent: 10 December 2009 22:19
To: Planning
Subject: 09/01557/F

Ref: 09/01557/F
Dear Andrew Lewis,
I am writing to object to the application for change of use of the Bishop Blaize, Burdrop.
I believe that allowing an application like this to go ahead would be a real loss to the community. The Bishop Blaize has been a thriving pub in recent years, and one failed attempt to run the business should not be a reason to give up on such a fantastic amenity.
The current owners have not tried, since the closure to run the pub as a business, and as I understand do not want to sell. IF they are not prepared to sell the pub, and are also not prepared to run it as a pub, then they are not fulfilling the role that you take on if you take on a business such as this. A pub is a home and way of life to the owner, but the pub belongs as an amenity to the village.
The closure of this pub will not only affect the immediate community of the SIbfords and Burdrop, but will also affect a wider community, as it was a business that attracted many people from the local area and beyond.
I truly believe that allowing change of use for The Bishop Blaize would be a real loss, as pubs like this are few and far between.
Yours Sincerly
Selina Chard
Sibford Ferris 

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