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Subject: FW: Bishop Blaize, Burdrop 09/01557/F

From: Corinne Pearlman [Sent: 12 December 2009 01:39
To: Planning
Subject: Bishop Blaize, Burdrop 09/01557/F

My parents have lived in Burdrop since the mid 80s, and so I have been a frequent visitor both to the village, and also to the Bishop Blaize pub over the past 25 years. It has been sorely missed since closing down, and it would be great if there was a chance that it might re-open again in the future. Since the change of use of the Wycombe Arms from a pub into a restaurant, there is now no “local” serving the three villages. For many years the Bishop Blaize has been a popular place with locals and tourists alike, and I appreciated it as both. 

My father, who died last year, was still able to enjoy going for a drink and a simple meal there, despite his increasing frailty. It was always a place to have family gatherings, to enjoy the friendly welcome and attractive interior, the gardens and the view of Sibford Ferris, and it is very sad if this loss is going to be permanent. Burdrop is a small village, linking two larger ones, and the pub was a natural focus / meeting place. It always seemed to be popular with walkers and weekend visitors, and used by a wide range of different groups - but was also there for people who wanted to just go and have a quiet drink on their own, or to pass the time in some friendly company. 

It would be a great shame if the granting of permission to convert the pub to a dwelling place were to result in the revoking of the license, and it's to be hoped that it will be re-opened up as a pub in the not too distant future.

With best wishes

Corinne Pearlman

Corinne Pearlman
89 Great Russell Street
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