From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: Bishop Blaize Ref. 09/01557/F


From: Malcolm Bannister [
Sent: 03 December 2009 11:45
To: Planning
Subject: Bishop Blaize Ref. 09/01557/F

Dear Sir

BISHOP BLAIZE Ref 09/01557/F

I wish to register my strong objection to the new planning application for change of use for the Bishop
Blaize pub to a private dwelling.

There have been two previous attempts by the current owners to obtain permission for change of use, 
reference your planning applications 06/0169/F and 07/00630/F.  Both  were turned down, including an
appeal and I wonder what has changed?

There has always been sufficient demand to keep both the Bishop Blaize and the Wykham Arms in
business for many, many years, they are not in competition as each pub is geared to cater for 
different market segments.  The lack of support claimed by the new owners is the result of a 
deliberate strategy to alienate both staff and customers, which led to regular customers boycotting
the establishment.

It is perfectly obvious to most local people that this application for change of use, if granted, will be 
followed after an interval, by a planning application to develop the site for residential properties. The 
site is large and commands a stunning view.

This application is a cynical attempt at medium term profit gain, with complete disregard for the local
population and should not I submit be approved.

Yours faithfully

Malcolm Bannister

Carters Yard
Sibford Gower
Oxon OX15 5RW