From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: 09/01557/F - Bishop Blaize change of use apllication


From: John Skinner [
Sent: 03 December 2009 21:38
To: Planning
Subject: 09/01557/F - Bishop Blaize change of use apllication

Dear Mr Lewis


I would hereby like to lodge my strong opposition to this application


Quite why an application has been made again, given the previous refusal in 2006, beggars belief – nothing has changed in the interim. 


The impression that the business was run so ineptly by the current owner that it had to close, has not changed.  Support to have the business put into the hands of someone who wants to run it as a viable, reputable, village pub, has not changed, quite the reverse (as witnessed by the interest in the run up to the auction that never was going to happen).


Yes, there is another pub in Sibford Gower, but it appeals to a completely different clientele


I urge the planning committee to stand by their decision in 2006 (as nothing has changed to alter their view) and refuse permission


Yours sincerely


John Skinner

Sibford Gower