From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: Planning application 09/01557/F

From: alison bell [Sent: 09 December 2009 12:05
To: Planning
Subject: Planning application 09/01557/F

Dear Sir/Madam,
we would like to comment on the recent application for change of use of the Bishop Blaize Pub to a private dwelling.
We live at Carriers Cottage, Burdrop, OX15 5RQ; we are the 2nd house from the pub and therefore directly affected by what goes on there.
We support the application for change of use as we do not feel that the villages can give enough custom to two pubs; also, the road access and parking facilities were never adequate at the Bishop Blaize, and sunny weekends and bank holidays always resulted in parking on the green and blocked access to homes and garages.
We would far rather see another family home and the possibility of more children for the local primary school and custom for our local Post Office and shop.
We realise that you will have been inundated with letters from the 'Bishop Blaize Support Group' - unfortunately most of these people live nowhere near the pub, never used it when it was open, and wouldn't if it were to re-open as they live closer to the Wykham Arms, a far more appealing pub. The whole issue has become very emotional and ugly and reflects very badly on our community, and we feel it is time to move on and put the needs of that community above personal notions of outrage at Mr Noquet's behaviour and misplaced nostalgia.
Yours sincerely
Alison and John Smith