From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: Bishops Blaize


From: Anne Adams [
Sent: 20 October 2009 13:43
To: Planning
Subject: Bishops Blaize

For the attention of Shona King Cherwell District Council

Letter of objection for the planning application 09/01275/F

Date 20th October 2009

I object to the application 09/01275/F for the following reasons:

1.     This proposed development has no architectural merit, located as it is in a conservation area. It is unsightly and does not 'preserve or enhance' the conservation area as required by local planning.  

2.  The development sited in the car park looks higher than the existing pub roof. (its hard to tell because the plans are badly drawn) Surely the roof line should be no higher than that of the existing building?

3   The barn (to be bedroom 1) is part of a licensed premises, there has been no change of use application from A4 to C1 so how could this be allowed?

4.  The bar seems to have been removed from the plans submitted. Surely as this is this is still a licensed premises that should not have been allowed to happen?

5.   The planned development would mean removing 3 or 4 parking places from the Bishop Blaize car park and actually creates a need for at least 4 more spaces in what was already an overcrowded car park.

6.   The existing storage space on G. Noquets calculation is reduced by 25% by the conversion of the barn to a bedroom.  Where are the beer barrels etc going to be stored?  

7.   Access to bedroom two, three, and four seems to be through bedroom one, I am sure that anyone staying in bedroom one would object this, I also assume it must against Health and safety rules.

8.  There are already three B&B establishments in the Sibfords - all of which are struggling for business and this development would only make life more difficult for them to continue.

Your sincerely
Anne Skowronska
Jasmine Cottage
Burdrop, Sibford Gower
OX15 5RN