From: on behalf of DC Secretaries
Subject: FW: objections to planning application 09/01275/F

Dear Sirs
I write in connection with:

Application Number:

Bishops End
OX15 5RQ

Alterations and extension to barn to provide 4 en-suite letting rooms.
Case Officer:
Shona King

As a neighbour living two doors from the above property I wish to record my objections to the proposed development.

1. It is hard to interpret the proposal as anything other than a ploy to erect a house on the site site of pub and whilst I have no objection to the change of use from a pub to a private dwelling properly and legally achieved, I believe that any such private dwelling should have some architectural merit, be in-keeping with the charcter of the village ( which has several grade two listed properties, including the pub)  and be designed so as to minimise the impact on neighbours of any extension to the existing building. The proposed structure does not meet this criteria.
2. The structure would be located at the front of the site in an elevated position (The roofline appears to be 3 metres higher than the pub roof )where it would have the maximum visual impact on neighbours. Any structure on this site - commercial or private - should be further from the road and discretely sited in the landscape.

3. The proposal does not look as if it will be realistic as 4 en-suite letting rooms operated by the pub. The rooms  appear to all connect with each other.   In the case of the fourth room, located in the roof, it can only be accessed either through Bedroom 3 or Bedroom 1. This is an acceptable arrangement in a house but not for independent rooms for letting. It is also hard to understand how the rooms could function for paying guests with no self catrering facilities : the pub is currently derelict and cannot supply guests with catering services or indeed any other facilities.   

4 The proposed building would create a need for more car parking spaces and it is hard to see where these could be found on the current site. When the pub was open our quiet, narrow lane was often crowded with cars that could not fit into the pub car park and this situation would be made worse.
5. The drawings do not show any consideration given to the screening of heating fuel tanks or waste bins, and they appear to ignore the pole for the power cables currently situated where the proposed building would stand.
I believe the building in its currently proposed form and in the proposed position on the site is an infilling encroachment that would be detrimental to a designated Conservation area.
yours sincerely
John and Alison Smith
Carriers Cottage
Sibford Gower
OX15 5RQ