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Planning Applications

Our online register allows you to check the progress and view a list of current and determined planning applications. The online register contains details of planning applications received since 1990 including drawings and other material submitted to the local authority along with officer reports and decisions which are available to download. Only decision notices are available on applications submitted prior to 1990. Our online register also allows you to find details of appeals since 1995.

Enforcement Notices

Enforcement Notices relating to a particular property are not available online, but these will be in due course. Until these are available online, please submit any requests for this information to As part of your request, please provide the property address being searched.

Building Regulation Applications

Our online register allows you to monitor the progress of current Building Regulation applications and view details of historic applications (up to 15 years).

To search the online register please complete one or more of the fields below and click on the Search button at the bottom of the page or alternatively use the Advanced tab to further define your search criteria. You can also use the Map search function, but please note the additional guidance below. For planning records only, you can view a list of all addresses associated with that record from 1995 onwards by clicking on the ‘Site History’ tab. You can then use this address history to conduct additional searches for planning and building regulation records.

Map Search

The Map search returns records for all planning applications received from 2005 onwards. It will also return records for most planning applications received from 1995 – 2004, please be aware that in some limited cases records on a particular site may be incomplete for this period.

The Map search will also return records for building regulation applications received from 2006 onwards, along with historic records for Competent Persons. However, records for current Competent Persons are only available to view via the online register.

Historic Planning History - (pre-1990)

If you require historical planning history, the Planning History Map Search contains links to PDF plotting sheet files showing planning applications dating from 1948 to 1990, the planning pplication numbers in these plotting sheets can then be used to search for the related Decision Notices in the Planning Register below. Further instructions are available on the Planning History Map Search site.

We make every effort to ensure the information contained on our online mapping system is correct and up-to-date. However, the data does not constitute a legal record and we do not accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by reliance on any information in this system.

e.g. 10/01234/F

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* To search by address, type in part of the address in the correct address order e.g. for 12 High Street Deddington Banbury OX15 0SJ this could be 12 High Street, 12 High Street Deddington or high street deddington, searches using fragments of the address not in the correct order will return no results e.g. 12 High Street OX15 0SJ

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